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Skim Coat Overlays

Crestview Terrace Overlay

crestview-terrace-350The Crestview Terrace Overlay marked the first time we poured such an expanse (1200 SF) with as large a mixing drum as one we used.....on a ready mix concrete truck....and that is exactly what we did. Las Animas Concrete of Santa Cruz rented a truck to TRC to use as a giant mixer and we proceeded to pour a 1/2" thick overlay. Small pieces of yellow/gold random flagstone tiles were first placed on the floor and were used as small screeds for the new overlay mix. The darker brown stair nosing tiles were also placed before the pour took place. Once the pour had cured it was stained with an amber color, sealed and waxed. The result was absolutely gorgeous.

Pacific Garden Chapel

pacificchapel-350The Pacific Garden Chapel is a Santa Cruz funeral home that had old carpets on the floor that were thoroughly worn out. TRC proposed a skim coat using a 1/4" overlay with a light flagstone texture. After the overlay was stamped TRC used a combination of acid stains and dyes to achieve the desired colors with amber and red hues. The floors were then sealed with 2-coats of clear epoxy and 3-coats of acrylic wax.



Culinary Art Floors Scotts Valley

culinary-arts-scotts-valley-350The Culinary Art Floors in Scotts Valley CA called out to TRC to provide a skim coat to completely obliterate the dated tiles shown on the existing floors. TRC used many coats of an engineered cement and color to cover over the dated tiles which gave the new floors an entirely new, more modern look but also served to make the room appear larger which was an added benefit.




Ortiz Countertops

ortiz-350The Joe and Gayle Ortiz Countertops were originally poured in an earthtone brown and they were liked and loved…for approximately 2-years…when the honeymoon with the color of the countertops came to an end.  Gayle wanted something a bit more colorful and cheery. A rather mellow Sky Blue color was chosen and TRC made a mix design with that desired color to re-skim the countertops. Re-skimmed and re-sealed the honeymoon was back on and Joe and Gayle and their countertop lived happily ever after…..for now anyway.

Palo Alto Countertops

palo-alto-countertops-350These Palo Alto countertops initially suffered from what one may call "Pigment Measles"; i.e., the integral pigment left unsightly blotches and simply would not behave. In order to rectify the problem, TRC came in and made a rich blend of engineered cement topping material mixed with a stout Cobalt pigment. The results were very good and after the countertops were sealed the colors became rich and inviting.




Encinal Overlays

encinal-350The Encinal Street house has 7 rooms with skim coat overlays including a shower. A particular technique known as Batik was used to make some of the patterns in the floors and countertops. Most of the overlays are over a wooden sub-floor so a special treatment for skim coat preparation had to take place prior to the overlays themselves. After the grey or white colored skim coats were applied various patterns were drawn, saw cut and then stained. A clear epoxy was used on all of the skim coats that are shown as well as on the concrete countertops which were a special blend of TRC concrete.

Culinary Art Floors Santa Cruz

culinary-350The Culinary Art floors were skim coated on old floors with different surfaces of tile, concrete and flooring. After the floors were stripped down to the quick, Tom Ralston Concrete applied a primer base coat and then a 3/8" quick drying topping that was acid stained 4-hours after it was laid down. The acid stain had incredible movement and much of it looked like something that you would see in an ocean or in a river with lots of eddies. The floors were then sealed for a great concrete finish.



Bell Work Out Floor

bell-concrete-floor-350The Bell work out floor is located in Scotts Valley, CA and was a worn, patched and cracked floor. Bell hired TRC to refurbish it and wanted a variegated Amber colored floor that had a glossy finish so that it would be beautiful to look at and easy to clean. There were cracks to chase, membranes, skim coats and sealers to apply and within 5-days the owners had a floor makeover that they truly loved.



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