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Peck Donnely Countertops

c-peckdonnely1-350 This project was challenging because of the tall back splashes and the many outlets in the wall as well as working around cut outs for the wooden chopping blocks. TRC had never done such a small sink surround and had to pay close attention to the mix design, special admixtures and simply pouring the concrete very stiff. TRC finishers made many passes using a hard trowel finish and the results provided wonderfully burnished and organic looking countertops. The Peck Donnely couple were thrilled with their new countertops. The sage color goes perfectly in the kitchen’s surrounds and is very calming (please refer to the picture of Donnely’s cat who thought that to be the case).

Magid Countertops


The Magid Countertop is a small part of the Magid Hillside Hardscape project and at the same time, it is a focal point. The countertop itself (style, colors, textures, etc.) was not easy to decide upon. TRC produced 13 samples before given the go-ahead to start. This was partially due to the fact that there were so many beautiful options to choose from. Ultimately the Magid's settled on a Rain Forest tile from Bali that meandered through 4-expanses of concrete countertops. The exotic tile was flanked with a 2” thick poured in place special TRC mix design that was later acid stained with 3-different colors. Above the countertop and kitchen area is a stream that is surrounded by lush plantings. The results were amazing and the judges for the Decorative Concrete Council in the American Society of Concrete Contractors agreed; The Magid countertop won 1st Place for Concrete Countertops at the 2009 World of Concrete.

Aptos Uplands Countertops

stacey-concrete-contertops-350The Aptos Uplands Countertop features stainless steel drain board rails and stainless steel trivets. The small detail at the drainboard prompted TRC to create very small tools to finish with. The countertop was acid stained with an Amber color to match beautifully with the new brown tiles at the backsplash areas. The center island included circular block outs that were used for a small round cutting board and a round trash recepticle.



Crocker Countertops

crocker-countertops-350The Crocker countertop was constructed in 2002 and was colored with a smokey taupe that was hardtroweled to produce a subtle variegation and smooth texture. The countertop features the largest "backsplash" that TRC has ever poured in place and it was stripped a few hours after it was poured. Our crews definitely had their hands full but they stuck with it and tenacity and talent prevailed. The Crockers thought the color and texture worked perfectly in their new kitchen.


Bhojwani Countertops

bhojwani-countertop-350The Bhojwani countertop was a complete kitchen remodel that included concrete countertops that had blended color hardeners applied to its surface. The results provided a painterly effect with light blue and light green colors. Adjacent to the drop in sink was a drain board hand fashioned with a wooden mold made of small corner molds used in cabinetry.  Imported tile was used to flank the new and colorful countertop and the combination produced beautiful results.

Leonhart Countertops

leonhart-concrete-countertops-350The Leonhart Countertop was a countertop that TRC constructed in the late 1990's and has some of the most dramatic acid stained color variegation that we have produced thus far.  The textural components were a juxtaposition of both sand and sheen; a washed surface next to a troweled surface. The blend of textures and colors in this project worked out perfectly, playing off the more subdued Soltiel Tile floors that surrounded the cabinetry.



Atlanta, GA Countertops

atlanta-countertops-350The TRC crews were flown out to Atlanta, Georgia in 2004 to construct 9 countertops for a residence just outside of the city. Tom and his crew met with Industry leader Bobby Harris to construct all 9 Countertops in just 2-days. Tom, his foreman Victor Gomez, Crew Chief Tracy Whitesell and Bobby Harris worked 12 hour days to make sure that the countertops were built in the scheduling window provided. Many of these pictures were used in Tom Ralston's book "Cast in Place Concrete Countertops" as a how to guide for constructing concrete countertops.


Avalon Countertop

c-avalon1-350The Avalon Countertop is located in a Santa Cruz courtyard that was inspired by the various nooks one can find in almost any side street in Italy. This countertop was designed to be completely suspended without any supporting posts, walls or legs; thus providing more leg room for the entirely cantilevered counter. The patio was constructed with grey concrete and jointed into small 18” squares that were acid stained with a Terra Cotta Stain. For aesthetic reasons, a muted green grout was chosen to fill the expansion joints. The countertop’s perimeter rim has iridescent glass tiles which harmonize perfectly with the blended acid stains that were used. On the opposite side of the courtyard are two spitting Gargoyles that add to the courtyard’s ambience of sight and sound.

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