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Fire Pits

Germany Fire Pit

germany-fire-pit-350The Germany Fire Pit is located in Scotts Valley and was designed by Tom Ralston Concrete as per the requests of Sheryl Germany. The fire pit is nestled perfectly into a round concrete seating area that features a rich grey color and a sand finish texture. The project won an award for best design for a small structural project but certainly the cause for an award wasn't hurt by the addition of this fire pit as well as a water feature, a concrete bar top, and concrete countertops flanked with Balinese Tile from Island Stone. The fire pit glass was a combination of 3 blues and clear - a beautiful blend. See more images of the Germany Patio.

North Hampton Fire Pit

borah-350The North Hampton project and fire pit is located in Saratoga, CA and features a rectangular fire pit and a concrete bench seat that will comfortably accommodate up to ten people. The fire pit has natural gas for fuel and is an inexpensive and clean way to keep a fire going in the night…no clean up; no muss no fuss. The North Hampton Patio also has piped in music that is controlled by an ipod which provides that special ambiance that can range from festive to romantic.


Ingram Fire Pit

ingram-350The Ingram job is unique in that it has lots of very interesting ocean shelf shapes and colors as well as a variety of embeds from the Monterey Bay that were placed into the concrete. There were sand dollars, starfish, moonsnails, and Monterey Bay aquarium sand just to name a few. We were going to attempt to use a very stout epoxy to seal one particular starfish but as it lay there the day after in wait…the Ingram's dog ate it. What was left when we pulled out the remains was a perfect impression of a starfish…almost like a petrified starfish. That feature as well as the rest of the patio, stairs, countertop and fire pit are amazing. Being about 30 feet from the ocean doesn't hurt the eyes either.

Felton Hills Fire Pit

scher-350The Felton Hills Residence had many facets to the project including 3-rear porches, stair cases, a winding staircase to a jacuzzi, a front entry near a koi pond and more stairs. All of the wall caps including the fire pit cap were a Mesa Beige with a light sand finish which is one of Tom Ralston Concrete's specialty finishes. Idaho Silver and Gold Quartzite Flagstone was the hardscape of choice and the sand washed finish with the Mesa color blends perfectly with the Idaho flagstone and the Mt. Moriah Ledger stone used on the vertical surfaces. The tile for the fire pit was exquisite and chosen by owner Lori Scher. The selection for the glass was a bit complex: 35% Amber #2, 35% Amber #4, 15% Clear; 6% blue, 6% red, and 3% gold. See Patio images.

Magid Fire Pit

fire-magid3-350The Magid fire pit is an oval fire pit nestled into an oval patio. The patio has a perimeter seat wall with cap and radiant heated tubing making sure that the buns on the BBQ below aren't the only buns that are warm on a chilly night. The fire pit has natural gas which provides a clean and inexpensive way to “flame up” the large 6’ long by 3’ wide oval fire pit. The white rectangular boxes on the seat walls are speakers that pump music to the fire pit patio from the house.


Chatham Flagstone Fire Pit


The Chatham fire pit is probably one of our most elaborate fire pits with a seating area. As many as 12 people can fit into the round which will usually serve to generate one anecdote after another. The project is located in Bonny Doon CA and sits outside a small octagon cabin. The project was a Tom Ralston design that has an old world feel to it. At night the stars are bright due to being so far away from city or freeway lights. Because the circular seats are battered back it provides a comfortable slope where one can easily tilt and rest their head to gaze at the stars and see various constellations drift by. The Sage colored concrete is a perfect backdrop for the Three Rivers Flagstone that was used in the fire pit cap, the outside veneer and cap of the seatwall, and the steps that lead to the fire pit. When the fire goes down and lights go out there is still the Lumi Louvers that will glow and serve as guides for anyone walking to the house above.

Caiocca Fire Pit

fire-caiocca1-350The Caiocca Fire Pit is square with a tasty yellow-green colored concrete seat cap that makes a handsome bench seat. There is various pineapple, orange and root beer colored glass that matches the adjacent countertop beyond. The concrete walls that support the fire pit cap are made of 8” thick concrete and are colored with a Sage Color hardener. The same Sage color is used on the fire pit and BBQ surrounds. The Pizza Oven, Fire Pit and Counter rest on new brick in a diagonal herringbone pattern to match the existing brick patio.


McCoy Fire Pit

mccoy-fire-pit-350The McCoy Fire Pit was adjacent to a pool deck and cabana and is located in Los Gatos. Prichard Stone was used to cap the fire pit and was the material of choice for the pool's coping. Large Three River Stones were placed around the fire pit to add to its seating. Close by the fire pit is a Pool Cabana and bar which only enhance the McCoy poolside experience.



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