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Thorne Driveway

thorne-driveway-350The Thorne Driveway is located on a hillside in Santa Cruz above the Monterey Bay. The owner asked TRC to design his driveway and wanted to use a combination of concrete and pavers. TRC used a CalStone paver with a Terra Cotta color and a light slate stamp for the concrete borders. The upper driveway has the same colors and is stamped with a Ashlar Slate Stamp. The arched bands in the driveway provide a serpentine flow of the driveway to the street below.

Woods Cove Driveway

dellatore-paver-concrete-driveway-350The Woods Cove Driveway is a custom paver concrete driveway that was conceived by Thomas Scherer and constructed by the TRC concrete and masonry crews. The layout for the driveway was tricky and had to be recalculated a few times before the concrete was poured. All of the pavers were placed on 4" thick 4000 PSI concrete and grouted like real brick. The earthtone concrete color was perfectly harmonized with the color of the pavers and the De La Torre home and the walls were stuccoed by TRC crews to match. The results, as the pictures will indicate, were stunning.

Santana Driveway

santana-350This home used to belong to Carlos Santana and was purchased circa 2002. TRC was asked to design and build a driveway fitting for the house. Tom designed 3-types of driveways with various colors, textures and designs. The final design chosen was the one Tom hoped would be chosen with lots of meandering green bands and panels with offsetting colors and textures. The driveway also incorporated retaining walls and adjacent steps. All in all, the driveway and the other concrete work was a big hit with TRC's client and was a pleasure to build.


Patterson Driveway

patterson-350The Patterson Driveway was on a hillside that had an old broken asphalt driveway lifted in various sections by adjacent tree roots. There was an existing set of steps that needed upgrading also. TRC designed and installed them both. The bands on the driveway matched the bullnosing on the steps in color and texture. Being a steep drive, it was finished with a heavy Victorian Swirl texture.  An alternate color was chosen for the driveway to stand apart from the bands and blend with the pine tree surrounds.


Santa Cruz Harbor Driveway

harbor-350This Santa Cruz Harbor Project was unique in that it had an entire drainage and irrigation system incorporated into the slots of the driveway. The color was a Silver Grey and incorporated a sand finish texture that shows the sand aggregate in addition to the color. In addition, there were custom made Japanese style lights that flanked each side of the driveway. The driveway lights cast a light green hue and each light box looked like pieces of brass bamboo which were built by artisan/craftsman Roy Johnson.


Scontriano Driveway

scontriano-350The Scontriano Driveway was another hillside driveway that included stairs, bands and two medallions, one in the driveway and one in the front porch. There were 3-complimentary colors chosen and 2-textures to highlight the concrete driveway and hardscape. The driveway was sealed with a broadcast glass additive to help reduce slipping. The stamp used at the Scontriano has impressions of Petrofied Trilobites and you can actually see them in the foreground of picture of the porch.

Bosso Driveway

bosso-350The Bosso Driveway had lots going on especially with a grade that was over 20%. This horseshoe driveway was to meander around the focal point of stairs, lights and gardens. Tom Ralston Concrete worked with SSA Landscape Design to construct the driveway, planter walls, steps and later the Idaho Quartzite Veneer at the front entry of the Bosso Home. TRC incorporated lots of accents, colors and textures for this project....which fortunately ended up in harmony. The owners loved their new renovation and so did TRC.



Atherton Driveway

atherton-driveway-350The Atherton Driveway located in Atherton CA was designed by Randy Thume and Associates and required a fairly complicated process for TRC installers. Prior to pouring any concrete many samples were made to achieve just the right look for both the client and the Architect.  TRC was up for the challenge and applied Sparkle Grain by Pacific Palette to give the driveway a light sparkle under the sun or night lighting.  6 samples were made to achieve the correct blend of charcoal color and sparkle.  After the driveway was poured, the concrete was saw cut, sealed, and a runway of Connecticut Bluestone was placed in the main entrance.

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