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Tom Ralston Concrete Wins WOW Award

world-of-concrete-wow-award-2014January 22, 2014

Tom Ralston Concrete wins Top Honors @ World of Concrete for hillside swimming pool and decorative hardscape. Judges chose the Turowski Pool Deck to receive the WOW award for the stunning work done on a very steep hillside with difficult access. With a waterfall, a firepit, fire bowls, countertops, and custom lighting. this TRC project was chosen among 96 national entries to receive the coveted WOW Award from the American Society of Concrete Contractors and the Decorative Concrete Council.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel - February 2, 2013 - Stepping Stone Tidepool on West Cliff Drive

santa-cruz-cowel-beach-stepping-stone-tide-pool-rocks-1Photo Credit: Dan CoyroBy Cathy Kelly at Santa Cruz Sentinel

SANTA CRUZ -- An artist and others are creating a native garden along West Cliff Drive, in part to combat drug and litter problems at a picturesque oceanfront spot there.

Karen Toole, an artist and interior designer, became interested in the area while working at a home across the street.

The overlook area a bit east of the Shrine of St. Joseph previously had a raised mound of dirt with shrubbery, two benches and a dirt path. People sitting on the benches were not visible from the street.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel Sept 2013- Santa Cruz museum unveils Chinese memorial

20130927  sscs0927kgmah1 GALLERYPhoto Credits: Dan Coyro/SentinelBy Kara Guzman

Santa Cruz Sentinel

SANTA CRUZ -- Chinese fishermen, railroad workers, servants and farm laborers once drove the county's economy, but little trace of their history exists.

Until now.

Construction workers finished the first phase of a 17-foot Chinese memorial gate at Evergreen Cemetery Thursday.

The gate, commissioned by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, will be part of the museum's sold-out Chinatown history walk Saturday.

Contractor Tom Ralston collaborated with local historians Sandy Lydon and Geoffrey Dunn, former Chinatown resident George Ow, and museum volunteer Sibley Simon to design the gate.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel - Name Dropping March 2013 Seaside spot to stop, ponder

ribbon cutting 400Ralston Concrete, Granite Rock, city and others create West Cliff pocket park

by Justine DaCosta, Santa Cruz Sentinel

A native plant garden overlooking Cowell Beach on West Cliff Drive is ready for the community to enjoy.

Karen Toole, Tom Ralston Concrete, Granite Rock Co., the city of Santa Cruz and others worked together to create the city-owned, privately funded garden. The accomplishment was recently celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, emceed by Sant Cruz historian Geoff Dunn.

At about 1,700 square feet, the garden contains a variety of low-lying native plants as well as flat-topped boulders inlaid with sea shells, sea glass, shark teeth and other decorations. It also includes decorative concrete and two memorial benches that were already perched on the outlook. Enjoy an ocean view from a garden setting, all thanks to some locals looking to bring a little more beauty to an already famously gorgeous spot.

See more about this project in the February 2nd news article and our gallery of the Cowell's Garden Project.

Tom Ralston: 2011 Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame Inductee

hall-of-fame-tom-ralstonDecorative Concrete Hall of Fame: The 2011 Inductees

by Stacey Enesey Klemenc

The Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame announced its first group of honorees at the 2010 Concrete Decor Show & Spring Training, in Phoenix, Ariz.  It was only fitting that the Hall of Fame welcome its 2011 inductees at the 2011 Concrete Decor Show, held last March in Nashville, Tenn.

The new members were chosen by Hall of Fame members and owners and staff of Concrete Decor parent company Professional Trade Publications Inc., which manages the Hall of Fame.

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Las Vegas, Nevada World of Concrete 2013 ASCC Decorative Concrete Awards

2013-best-speciatly-concrete-from-president-of-asccTom Ralston receives 1st Place for Best Specialty Project from The American Concrete Contractor Society's President Bev Garnett at the 2013 World of Concrete. Judges were impressed the overall project and with how the crews of Tom Ralston Concrete met the challenge of making a mold of a 5-million year old whale bone and then casting it, staining it and successfully mounting it in the serpentine Geo Strata Terrace project in Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, California.

Surf City in Santa Cruz Sentinel


For decades there was heated arguing over who was the legitimate Surf City, Santa Cruz of Northern California or Huntington Beach of Southern California. In April of 2010 it was proclaimed by Mike Rotkin that Santa Cruz was indeed the legitimate Surf City which was ascertained by factual evidence that Three Hawaiian Princes surfed the San Lorenzo Rivermouth and were guests of the Swan Family of Santa Cruz.

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