world-of-concrete-2013-tom-ralston-videoEvery year at the World of Concrete there is an award presentation by the American Society of Concrete Contractors. The award committee has a panel of judges that choose winners for various projects that were entered for the particular year. Some of the categories are concrete countertops, specialty finishes, best art work, best cast in place etc.

This year Tom Ralston Concrete entered one project in the best specialty concrete category and won first place. The 2013 award follows Tom Ralston Concrete's 2012 awards for Best Cast in Place as well as Best in Show for the same project. The Cygnus media group called Tom Ralston after the winners were chosen and asked if he wouldn't mind doing an interview at the 2013 World of Concrete. This video has Cynuns' Roger Mann interviewing Tom Ralston for the second year in a row.