Tom Ralston was honored this February 2016 with Santa Cruz’s prestigious Gail Rich Award. Here is the video of the ceremony where Paul Meltzer introduces Tom (at 3:43). Paul considers himself the Dr. Watson and Tom is his Sherlock Holmes. Many will smile when they hear Paul's humorous account of Tom's life, his music, his art, and how all of these are somehow intertwined in his concrete work.

Tom's speech demonstrates how he does all things: with lots of determination, energy and passion (at 8:49). Tom shares his anecdotes while recognizing his friends who have inspired him and expresses how he is touched, humbled, and honored to receive this highly regarded award. Tom runs out of time while thanking (at 16:10) his children, the people in his band, and all in his company.

You really have got to take a listen. The roar of laughter in the background tells us that Tom wasn’t the only one having fun at The Gail Rich!