Our friends at Levy Media Works captured some beautiful aerial video  of the community projects completed by Tom Ralsto Concrete throughout Santa Cruz.⁣  Check them out on their website and Instagram!

Last stop on a drone tour of some the the communitu projects completed by @tomralstonconcrete in Santa Cruz, we arrive at Pleasure Point on the east side.⁣

An amphitheater incorporates beautifully colored concrete with real sea shells, beach glass, shark teeth and fossil replicas from the Monterey Bay.⁣

The main embed was a replica of a 5-million year old whale bone that was located in May of 2010 approximately 500 yards south of the amphitheater. ⁣

The terraces mimic the geology of the ocean shelves of Monterey Bay. As one sits on the concrete ‘shelves’ you have an uninterrupted view of surfers  riding the Pleasure Point waves. ⁣

This is a great spot to meet up with friends or family, walk the dog , push strollers, people watch or catch a sunrise. 🌅