The Magid Countertop is a small part of the Magid Hillside Hardscape project and at the same time, it is a focal point. The countertop itself (style, colors, textures, etc.) was not easy to decide upon. TRC produced 13 samples before given the go-ahead to start. This was partially due to the fact that there were so many beautiful options to choose from. Ultimately the Magid's settled on a Rain Forest tile from Bali that meandered through 4-expanses of concrete countertops. The exotic tile was flanked with a 2” thick poured in place special TRC mix design that was later acid stained with 3-different colors. Above the countertop and kitchen area is a stream that is surrounded by lush plantings. The results were amazing and the judges for the Decorative Concrete Council in the American Society of Concrete Contractors agreed; The Magid countertop won 1st Place for Concrete Countertops at the 2009 World of Concrete.