The Chatham fire pit is probably one of our most elaborate fire pits with a seating area. As many as 12 people can fit into the round which will usually serve to generate one anecdote after another. The project is located in Bonny Doon CA and sits outside a small octagon cabin. The project was a Tom Ralston design that has an old world feel to it. At night the stars are bright due to being so far away from city or freeway lights. Because the circular seats are battered back it provides a comfortable slope where one can easily tilt and rest their head to gaze at the stars and see various constellations drift by. The Sage colored concrete is a perfect backdrop for the Three Rivers Flagstone that was used in the fire pit cap, the outside veneer and cap of the seatwall, and the steps that lead to the fire pit. When the fire goes down and lights go out there is still the Lumi Louvers that will glow and serve as guides for anyone walking to the house above.