mills-350This spectacular swimming pool, its deck and surrounds is located on the North Coast of Santa Cruz County. Not too often does one get the request to “paint” colors into a swimming pool to give a tide pool effect but this is exactly what the patient ordered and the doctor responded. While the pool plasterers were plastering Tom Ralston was dusting---dusting 5-different colors into the pool plaster. The results as featured in these pictures were an amazing combination of subtle colors that mimic tidal pools that are only minutes away from the project. Ten years later the owner, who swims laps weekly while wearing goggles says the colors in his swimming pool plaster still make him smile. The pool deck and removable concrete pool cover tiles use a blend of platinum grey and stone grey is over 3000 SF while the pool itself has over 2000 SF of multiple colored plaster. Read more about the Mills pool deck in October 2011 Concrete Decor - Bay Colored Pool.