Tom Ralston Concrete poured a Plaza slab at the new green/blue glass Glacier building at 601 5th Avenue in Anchorage Alaska on Sept 7th.  

The building is getting a new look (and a new floor-plan) loosely inspired by Alaska’s glaciers.  Tom Ralston Concerete was asked to pour a specialty slab with dark grey concrete, sand wash finish, and 16-grit black Sparkle Grain to match the glacier-inspired design.

The plaza sections were fabricated with 1”  stainless steel as well as stainless steel dividers.   The plaza has inlaid "iceberg" lights that had to be poured around.  Each iceberg light will be shine up into the Plaza slab and down into the parking garage below. We brought four of our top finishers and joined with Bill Brown Concrete (who brought another 3) for a team of 7 working on this joint venture.  Pouring out of state requires a lot of logistics (shipping additives, travel, extensive mockups) but when the pours come out as great as this one did, it is very rewarding.

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