Gaudi Eye WallGlass blower Peter Vizzusi created the blue "iris" while Stained Glass artist Susan Wagner fashioned the colorful stained glass wedges around the Gaudi eye of this Gaudi inspired piece for one of our projects. Like Gaudi's Casa Battlo in Barcelona we wanted to have glass smattered on the outside of the wall so we laid it out in a "template." The glass was transferred to the template on the ground with 1' wide clear tape and transferred to the wall; therein lay the difficult part pounding in each piece from the pattern. Random smattered glass went around the eye and the outside of the wall. The inside of the wall had a cantilever concrete seat with no visible supports. The seat faces the ocean for a splendid view. Glass runs around the outside of this undulated vertical and horizontally curved wall thanks for ceramic mosaic artist Kathleen Crosetti to give us tape and tips! The sun casts light through the eye in a remarkable way and at night is lit up with a designated light.