Tom Ralston has brought a vast amount of his own creative energy to what most might regard as a pretty straightforward industry. With the growing diversity in the concrete industry of the 21st century, Tom Ralston continues to push the envelope with custom specialty projects that make this small town concrete contractor a force to be reckoned with on the national scene.






His latest specialty project beautifully underscores this fact. Tom Ralston has taken some of the fine textures in seaweed and captured its beauty in this stunning concrete project. The piece was then acid stained with deep ocean blues to mimic the location Ralston borrowed this amazing texture from.










Once again Tom Ralston has flexed his creative muscles, showing the unyielding diversity concrete has to offer. Where most only consider concrete as an important part of our nations buildings and freeways, Tom Ralston has shown us once again that this sturdy industrial material also has the power to capture the most delicate, and organic structures in nature.